Neuropsychological Evaluations

As a certified, fellowship trained Neuropsychologist, Dr. Burkill provides expert Neuropsychological Evaluation services to patients across South Carolina.

Neuropsychological evaluations can be ordered for a number of reasons, but are most commonly used to quantitatively evaluate cognitive abilities such as IQ, learning/memory recall, language, attention, executive functioning, and spatial reasoning skills.

Common reasons for a patient to undergo a Neuropsychological Evaluation include:

Due to their complexity, Neuropsychological Evaluations typically require several appointments. These appointments may include:

  1. An initial intake interview between the patient and Neuropsychologist to review the specific areas of concern. Initial visits also include a thorough review of personal and medical history
  2. Evaluative appointment where testing, assessments and questionnaires are completed by the patient. These evaluations and typically administered by Neuropsychologists and/or Psychometrists
  3. Final appointment that includes evaluation results, diagnostic impressions, recommendations to support functioning and any potential referrals

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